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Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing
Permits must be obtained for all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work, and reviewed and inspected for compliance with the Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical Codes.
Electrical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Mechanical Permit

State of Iowa Licensing Electrical 

Iowa has Statewide licensing for electricians and electrical contractors. The program is administered by the Fire Marshal Division of the Iowa Department of Public Safety and is overseen by a Electrical Examining Board.

Electrical Licensing Program

Electrical License Verification of Contractor, Master or Journey

State of Iowa Licensing Plumbing and Mechanical

Iowa has Statewide licensing for plumbing and mechanical professionals. The program is administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health and is overseen by an examining board.

Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Licensing Requirements

List of Licensed Contractors

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Iowa's Contractor Law
Registration and Bonding

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