Shelter & Facility Rentals

The City offers open air shelters in eleven parks and also offers enclosed shelters at three parks.  The City offers eight of the open air shelters and the three enclosed shelters for rent.

Open Air Shelters: * Available for rent

•Ashleaf Park, 3934 Mary Lynn Drive
•Bishop Family Shelter*, Mary Lynn Drive and Sherry Lane (Dunlap Arboretum)
•Charles Gabus Memorial Tree Park*, 3520 86th Street
•Coronado Park, Eula Drive and Sandler Drive
•Gazebo*, 72nd Street and Aurora Avenue
•Hallbrook Park, 14747 Dellwood Drive
•Lakeview Park, 80th Street and Aurora Avenue
•Lions Centennial*, 4151 72nd Street
•Murphy Park*, 67th Street and Urbandale Avenue
•Rocklyn Park*, 70th Street and New York Avenue
•Walker Johnston Park*, 3740 86th Street
•Walnut Creek Regional*, 4400 Walnut Creek Regional Park Access Road

Enclosed Shelters:

•Ralph Whitten Shelter - Lions Park, 72nd Street and Aurora Avenue
•Giovannetti Community Shelter - Walker Johnston Park, 8900 Douglas Avenue
•Community Room - Senior Recreation Center, 7305 Aurora Avenue

When can I rent for 2019?

Residents of Urbandale began making reservations on October 1, 2018.  Non-residents began making reservations on January 2, 2019.  Contact the Urbandale Parks and Recreation office at 515-278-3963 if you have any questions.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Credit Card transaction fees may only be pennies on the dollar, but costs can really add up.  
Please be aware that a credit card transaction fee of 2.5% will be coming SOON to the Urbandale Parks and Recreation Department.
To avoid the credit card transaction fee, simply pay by check or cash in office.
Watch our website to see when this change will be in effect.