2017 PCC Patching Program


The 2017 PCC Patching Program has two phases, Phase one will include Golfview Estates and the Walnut Hills roundabouts, and Phase two will include the Merle Hay Frontage Road, 86th Street, and 72nd Street.  
Phase one- Golfview Estates: 13,000 square yards of concrete pavement would be replaced at 225 locations.  The repairs will take
place on Iltis Drive, Alpine Drive, Tanglewood Drive, Hammontree Drive, Greenbelt Drive, 93rd Street, 94th Street, 95th
Street, 96th Street, 98th Street and 99th Street, in Cross Creek West on Greenbelt Drive and 92nd Court and at the roundabouts in Walnut Creek Hills.

Phase two- Merle Hay Frontage Road: 9,900 square yards of concrete pavement would be replaced at 77 locations.  The repairs will take place on the Merle Hay Frontage Road from Townsend Avenue to Interstate 35/80, 86th Street by Interstate 35/80 and Northpark
Drive, 72nd Street from Hickory Lane to Interstate 35/80, and parking lot repairs at Fire Station 42.

Project Status Update- 09/20/2017

Patching along the Frontage Road to Merle Hay Road has begun. Patching south of Oakwood Drive has been completed and progressing north to the interstate. The work is expected to take 2 weeks weather permitting. 

Patching around the roundabouts in the Walnut Creek Hills area has been completed.

Contractor will be placing sod in parking space this fall. 

Please see the interactive map below.

Helpful Downloads

Patch to be completed
Merle Hay Frontage Road
Walnut Hills Area Roundabouts